Archbishop Triceratops – The Paleocene Creed – Page 03

Archbishop Triceratops - The Paleocene Creed - Page 03

[[Luthor is shown shaving his head. He looks outside and sees a small songbird land.]]

Narration: But once my head was bare I realized: dinosaurs don’t have feathers, so how could they have evolved into birds? The church accepts evolution, but it conflicts with the scripture! It was then that I decided to turn from your false faith to the slightly different faith of biblical literalism!

[[Back to present time.]]

Urban IX: Why do you have to be such a fool, Sanderson!

Luthor: Don’t call me by that name anymore! In honor of the animal that convinced me of my new faith I decided to change my name to Martin Luthor!

[[The pope, cardinals and crowd look confused. Luthor is exhasperated.]]

Luthor: You know, like the bird, a martin?

[[Still confused.]]

Cardinal: You mean like how we’re cardinals?

Luthor: No, no, because, ugh, just forget it! Protesbots, attack.

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