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Giant Space Lizard!

Vagrond is your completely normal giant space lizard (“G.S.L.” for short), working as a property inspector for the local governor (also a G.S.L.). Along with his co-worker, Bryan Orion (the human), he travels to local planets and looks into their everyday problems (doomsday cult, alien invader, etc.). If you’re looking for SPACE ADVENTURES, join Vagrond in Giant Space Lizard!

Volume 1:Enemy space ship lasers Vagrond Bryan Orion Vagrond's Space Jalopy

  • Words: Thompkins and Chaerb
  • Drawings: Thompkins
  • Status: Finished.

Click here to download a free PDF of the entire Volume 1 & purchase printed copies.

Original comics & stories in Volume 1:


Vagrond Bryan Orion Four Wheelers


Jim Wagner in Planetoid of the Simians

Koko Bullet, Jim Wagner, Igor the NurgyJames Tiberius Wagner had the technical skills to invent a time machine. Unfortunately he didn’t have the soft skills to sell it. Returning home empty handed, he uses his time machine to skip 30 minutes into the future to watch his favorite TV show. Unfortunately due to a slight oversight it accidentally takes him into the distant future. And due to another slight oversight the time machine doesn’t travel with him, leaving him trapped. Travel with Jim as he learns to find joy in this post-apocalyptic world. Learn the secret of THE PLANETOID OF THE SIMIANS! (Hint: It’s Earth.)

Jim Wagner in Planetoid of the Simians:

“A Wall of Lights”

“Judgement Day”


Colonial Squash!

Colonial Squash flyingColonial Squash is America’s premiere pumpkin pie/patriotism themed hero. Empowered with all of the powers and none of the responsibilities of the nation’s founding fathers, he keeps the southern Twin Cities’ suburbs safe from crime within the limits of established good samaritan laws.

“The Wild Once”

  • Hastily drawn, stream of consciousness webcomic
  • Words: Thompkins
  • Drawings: Thompkins
  • Status: Finished
  • First page
  • Archive



Archbishop Triceratops saying, Archbishop Triceratops is a comic about a triceratops who is also an archbishop. It provides the mix of fast action, Catholicism and paleontology that people have been demanding for years! Topics covered thus far have included the debate between transubstantiation and consubstantiation, maniraptoran plumage and the death of St. Peter. Also at least one trampling of killer robots.

New Testament:

“Book One: The Paleocene Creed”


When Will The Questions Stop?!

67 year old man and three year old boyA short story written in 2000 by Chaerb for a class. It details how he would answer a question differently if it was asked by a 3 year old boy versus if it was asked by a 67 year old man. Comicified in 2009 when Thompkins didn’t want to draw any “real” comics for a few months.

“When Will The Questions Stop?!”


Rob Kestler, Cassie Farmerer, Vagrond, Pigs

In the late 1990’s Rob Kestler took the world of e-wresting by storm. Actually, no. He mostly just sat around in his shop and tried to sell copies of what he described as his “unauthorized autobiography”. Lord knows how got the world title those two times. But now the adventures of Kestler are presented in the format they were secretly always meant for – kawaii chibi manga style! This will fit perfectly as Rob Kestler’s adventures have always been described as “SpongeBob SquarePants for adults.” Actually, no. That’s never happened.


  • Words: Chaerb
  • Drawings: Jaerb
  • Status: Not finished, not currently updating.
  • First page
  • Archive


  • Rob Kestler Wikified – Lists the wrong year (Kestler joined in 1999 and retired in 2003) but at least they cared.
  • Rob Kestler RPs – Warning: Extremely mature content that comes off as being extremely immature.

(Super Friend) Zack Phoenix, Xavier 'Crazy Xavi' Bentley, Todd Blake






Elemental Halma game board

Elemental Halma

Elemental Halma is a board game for 2 or 4 players. Control the Greek elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water using simple rules that build to complex strategies.

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