Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 23

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 23

[[Age 34. 34 year old Jim Wagner sits in front of the TV set in a dark room.]]

Television: Iwl get ywoo wascawy wabbit!

[[Age 35. 35 year old Jim Wagner stands in front of his workbench holding a device that looks like a blue box with a dial on it and red bicycle handlebars attached to its sides. The table is scattered with tools and the room has several clocks in it.]]

Jim Wagner: There. I’ve invented time travel.

[[The flashback ends and Jim Wagner has returned to reality, still screaming with his eyes closed.]]

Jim Wagner (Thinking): Wow, I must really miss her.

Jim Wager: Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!

[[Jim Wagner opens one of his eyes.]]

Jim Wagner: Yaaa!

Jim Wager: ?

Jim Wagner: Yaa.

Jim Wagner: Ya?

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