Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 20

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 20

[[Previously, on Wagner! Jim and Koko are captured and submitted to will-breaking interrogation techniques for a series of crimes they are not competent enough to have committed.]]

[[Jim Wagner sits tied to the blue chair with his eyes closed and his face in a grimace.]]

Jim Wagner (Thinking): What’s happening?!? I’m reliving every significant moment from my life…

[[Age 5. 5 year old Jim Wagner sits in front of the TV set in a dark room.]]

Television: Iwl get ywoo wascawy wabbit!

[[Age 12. 12 year old Jim Wagner has been knocked to the ground by a mime that is threatening him with its fist. Another mime stands behind that mime.]]

Second Mime: Don’t come back to this city or we’ll kill you!

Jim Wagner: You’re not supposed to talk!

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