Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 19

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 19

{Panel – Outline of Koko Bullet Character.}

Title “Character Profile”

Title “Name: Koko Bullet”

Title “Height: 7.70 x 10 mils
Weight: 7.86 slugs
Age: 7.18 x 10 seconds
Species: Common chimpanzee
History: Born in the United Ape Emirates, Koko was obliged to pick an “obsolete one” to imitate . He chose Humphrey Bogart. Except for the wardrobe , however, this turned out to be a poor choice as Koko is not only an abject coward, but also terminally good-natured. Koko left home after being de-adopted by his natural birth parents.
Current Status: Koko is currently traveling with the mysterious hairless ape known as Jim Wagner. This has worked well for Koko as it’s not only improved his food scrounging, but also makes him better looking by comparison. (By ape standards anyway.)
Hobbies: Eating bugs and other invertebrates, brandishing a handgun, fleeing.”

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