Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 13

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 13

{Panel 1 – Koko holds duct tape above an Ape Patient on a bed who has had his foot duct taped to his face, in addition to having a large “LOOK WHO WAS GOOD AT THE DOCTOR” sticker adhered to him. The Ape Medical Examiner stands behind Koko looking cross.}

Koko Bullet “Uhh…”

Ape Patient “Mphhh…”

{Panel 2 – Koko continues imagining while the Ape Interrogator points at Jim Wagner.}

Ape Interrogator “Same question, back to you hairless.”

Jim Wagner “I believe the consensus is there are 5 lights.”

Ape Interrogator “No! There are 30 lights!”

{Panel 3 – Jim Wagner talks to the Ape Interrogator.}

Jim Wagner “Well I suppose we’re all allowed a mulligan. 30 it is.”

Ape Interrogator “NO NO NO!”

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