Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 12

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 12

{Panel 1 – Ape Interrogator stands in front of Koko Bullet and Jim Wagner.}

Ape Interrogator “No! The hairy ape.”

Koko Bullet “One light.”

Ape Interrogator “No, there are 5 lights.”

{Panel 2 – Koko talks to the reader as the Ape Interrogator threatens to push the red button on his remote control.}

Koko Bullet “Dang, I’ve never been good at word problems. This is how I failed my medical license…”

{Panel 3 – Close up of Koko shown wearing a facemask and stethoscope. An Ape Medical Examiner stands behind him with a clipboard.}

Ape Medical Examiner “OK, Koko, a train leaves New Apeton heading east at 37mph. A crow is eating 9 watermelon seeds a minute. How many lights are there?”

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