Archbishop Triceratops – The Paleocene Creed – Page 02

Archbishop Triceratops - The Paleocene Creed - Page 02

Urban IX: What in the sam trinity are you?

Mysterious Person: Not surprising you don’t know me, your hopelessness.

[[Cut to flashback of Luthor working with a microscope at a lab bench.]]

Narration: After all, back then I was just Luthor Sanderson, a lowly research assistant at the Center for Advanced Sacrament Research. It was there that I made an unsettling discovery.

[[Luthor is now in an office talking to a cardinal at a desk.]]

Narration: Two equally-sized pieces of communion wafer contained different amounts of Messiahchlorians! But when I tried to explain it to my superiors…

Luthor: Do you realize what this means? It can’t be the substance itself changing, instead it must be instead being infused with…

Luthor’s Superior: Look Sanderson, the Catholic tradition clearly states that…

Luthor: But what if the tradition’s wrong?

Luthor’s superior: Sacrilege! Go and shave your head in shame!

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