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Note: The FAQ section is non-binding and is provided for summarizing purposes only. Please see the section “Legal Information” below for details.

Can I distribute content from Giant Space Lizard! ?

You can distribute most actual content (comics, board games, eBooks) using the CC-BY-NC-ND license. In most cases this will allow distribution if you use the content non-commercially and do not alter the original work, but please see the license for details.

You can not distribute logos or graphics without permission. So please contact Garth Thompson if you want to distribute anything other than actual comic/eBook/board game content.

What personal information do you record and use?

We don’t record any identifying personal information from readers. However, if you choose to contact us, we don’t guarantee that any information you send us will be kept anonymous or unused by us. While we (usually) aren’t total jerks, we want to be as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstandings. If you are concerned with anonymity, we recommend you don’t contact us with an account that contains your personal information. If you do not want particular information shared, we recommend that you do not send us that information.

Legal Information


By using this website, you agree to everything here stated in the “Agreement,” “Copyright,” “Distribution,” and “Privacy” sections.

This website is defined as URLs starting with This website, everything hosted on it, and everything linked outward from it, are provided as-is without any warranty or guarantee.  You use this website, or click any link on it, entirely at your own risk.

Comics are defined as image files with a gray banner at the bottom stating the names of the authors who hold copyright.

eBooks are defined as PDF files which contain the content of a book and are explicitly referred to as eBooks in their descriptions.

Board games are defined as PDF files which contain the content of a board game and are explicitly referred to as board games in their descriptions.

Other content is defined as website logos, graphics, or text, that is not explicitly defined as a comic, eBook or board game.


This website is copyright 2008-2017 by the authors who created the respective content. Comics, board games, and eBooks will (in most cases) have the copyright-holding creator stated within them. Other content is copyright Garth Thompson. If not otherwise stated, the original creator holds the copyright.


Comics, board games, and eBooks, as long as they are kept in the exact form in which they were originally downloaded from this website, and unless stated otherwise elsewhere, may be distributed as per the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license; this license is described here. Attribution, as defined by that license, must be given to both the original authors and the website

Other content may not be distributed without the expressed written permission of Garth Thompson.


While visiting this website certain information may be recorded for web site and search engine tracking purposes. This information doesn’t include any personal information on the website visitors and doesn’t include any information which could be used to contact or harass website visitors.

Conversely, if you choose to contact one or more author(s) of this website, or send them any information, without a prior expressed written agreement signed by both yourself and the author(s) contacted, you waive any right to privacy as described above. In addition, by contacting one or more author(s) of this website, without a prior expressed written agreement signed by both yourself and the author(s) contacted, then you grant the contacted author(s) an unlimited right to use, in any manner, your contact information and/or any other information you provide them, to be determined by the contacted author(s).

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