When Will The Questions Stop?! – Page 04

When Will The Questions Stop?! - Page 04

“By that definition then a car is alive” states the little snob and he persists to continue. “Because without gas and oil it would no longer be able to function.”

“If you know so much then why are you asking me the questions?!” I again cleverly retort. “Why don’t you go back in the sandbox sport and pee or whatever obnoxious kids like you do.”

I continue on my way but the little boy continues to look at me, near tears for some reason. Being the humanitarian that I am, I throw sand at him and give him a real reason to cry. Even after running away from the three year old brats amazingly athletic mother for ten minutes, the old man is still at my heels. How this man is able to keep up with me is unfathomable, the old tart isn’t even winded!

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