Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 15

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 15

{Panel 1 – Jim Wagner talks to Ape Interrogator who shakes his fist angrily. Koko Bullet is off-frame on the floor.}

Jim Wagner “Well, Mr. Interrogator, I suppose we are compromising here. I suppose we could find the average number of lights that we think there are and that should be close to the actual number of lights.”

Koko Bullet “Sounds fair”

Ape Interrogator “ENOUGH!”

{Panel 2 – Koko Bullet lies on the floor and the Ape Interrogator points at him. A door in the background slams open and two shadowy figures are silhouetted in its frame.}

Sound Effect “SLAM!”

Ape Interrogator “Guards! Throw the hairy one to the humans!”

Koko Bullet “!”

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