Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 06

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 06

{Panel 1 – Ape Interrogator throws his fists into the air in frustration.}

Ape Interrogator “Enough!!!”

{Panel 2 – Ape Interrogator removes a remote control from his outfit.}

Ape Interrogator “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this…”

{Panel 3 – Close up of remote revealing a green dial from 0 to 11, a red button with a lightning bolt on it and a yellow button with a light on it. The Ape Interrogator is clicking the yellow button.}

Sound Effect “Click!”

{Panel 4 – The Ape Interrogator, Koko Bullet and Jim Wagner are silhouetted as 5 rows of 6 bright lights each shine in front of them.}

Sound Effect “FWOOSH!”

Sound Effect “FWOOSH!”

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