Wagner – Judgement Day – Page 02

(Jim and Koko are in the waiting room, preparing to be judged by the powerful one. Jim looks up at the clock on the wall)

Jim: It seems like we’ve been waiting here for THREE YEARS.

(Koko looks up to the clock on the wall as well)

Koko: I not sure why you’re looking up at the thermometer to attempt to divine time at a time like this. Whether it’s 2 pm Celsius or 3 pm Celsius doesn’t seem to matter much in our situation…

Jim: That is not a thermometer, it’s not 2pm Celsius. It’s just 2 pm. Plain old, regular 2 pm.

Koko: Whether you’re reading it in Metric or Standard Ape Units doesn’t really affect the fact that the temperature will not affect how long we have been here.

(Koko folds his arms and looks triumphantly at Jim.)

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