When Will The Questions Stop?! – Page 05

When Will The Questions Stop?! - Page 05

As I sit on the ground and catch my breath the old man starts talking again.

“Are trees alive?” the old man asks again, relentless in his questioning.

“Tress are alive because I say they are. You will find no better answer on Earth so don’t bother even thinking about it any more.” I calmly explain as I dry cock my trusty hand gun at the suddenly more docile geezer.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Now you get going to whatever drug store you usually haunt.” I direct as I begin to hide my “peace maker” again.

“But Walgreen’s is closed today.” the old coot tries to explain.

By this time I can no longer speak due to the agitation. I just draw out my trusty equalizer one last time and cock it and wave the old man down the trail. He finally goes on his way but I can’t help but to miss the old man. I’m going to miss him cleaning my toilet and acting like a garbage disposal when I shoved him into a box under the sink. Oh well, at least I’ve got my sanity.

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