Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 10

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 10

{Panel 1 – Ape Interrogator stands in front of Jim Wagner and Koko Bullet who are tied to blue chairs. Bright lights shine behind him.}

Koko Bullet “Can I have a pad of paper and a pen to work this out?”

Ape Interrogator “What? No, of course not!”

Jim Wagner “It looks like there are 30 lights.”

{Panel 2 – Ape Interrogator smiles and gestures toward the red button on his remote.}

Ape Interrogator “No, not 30 at all. There are 5 lights.”

Jim Wagner “Really? You sure? Well, this is my first time trying so I could be wrong.”

{Panel 3 – Ape Interrogator puts hands on hips.}

Ape Interrogator “What? No, I just want you to tell me how many lights you see.”

Jim Wagner “30 lights.”

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