Wagner – A Wall of Lights – Page 02

Wagner - A Wall of Lights - Page 02

{Panel 1 – The Ape Interrogator holds open a manila folder and removes a piece of stationary with a banana letterhead which he reads.}

Ape Interrogator “The charges against you two are almost too numerous to name. But let’s start with the following… * 3 counts of Banana laundering * 5 counts of squeak-toy related theft * 6 counts adultery … blah blah … … and 17 counts of entering the forbidden city of the baboons without even having tails!!!”

Folder “BAD!”

{Panel 2 – Jim Wagner is tied to a chair and tries to talk to the Ape Interrogator who is turned away.}

Jim Wagner “But…”

{Panel 3 – Close up on the Ape Interrogator as he holds the manila folder up to his face.}

Ape Interrogator “And that’s not even counting this!!!”

Folder “BAD!”

{Panel 4 – The Ape Interrogator removes a tape from the manila folder.}

{Panel 5 – The Ape Interrogator throws the tape to Jim Wagner’s feet.}

{Panel 6 – The tape lands on the floor and its contents becomes visible.}

Tape “Achey-Breaky (Heart) 8-Track”

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