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The K’Oli Invades can be downloaded and/or read completely for free from the following sources:

Synopsis: Vagrond the giant space lizard and Bryan Orion the human have been called upon by their boss (also a giant space lizard) to capture an alien invader. But how do you capture someone when they’re an immaterial cloud of "dense air?" Vagrond and Bryan must solve this problem soon, for Plandeux has great diabolical plans that will come to fruition if he makes his way out of the spaceport at his maximum flying speed of of one foot per minute.

The K’Oli Invades is a supplemental book to The Classic Space Adventures of my Father by Earth President Vagrond the Second. It features 14 pages of adventure, including 2 illustrated pages. It is distributed for free through a Creative Commons license.

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Giant Space Lizard - The K'Oli Invades

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