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Vagrond the Gorn in “Busy Day”
Written: Thursday, November 27th 1997

Vagrond sat in ten forward. From the “gift basket” he had gotten a bottle that contained some sort of klingon liquor. He doubted it would do anything for him since powerful, drug laced brews were required to give the Gorn a buzz. Even Gorn “coffee” was considered a ‘hazardous substance’ and required a security code to replicate. Vagrond sat next to G’Murnik and the science officer David Torin who showed up.

An officer Vagrond didn’t recognize walked up to Vagrond and said, “Ensign Jaxx Dehran, reporting sir, sorry I didn’t come to you earlier, but as I requested an extra day to familiarize myself with the ship, I hadn’t the chance.”

Jaxx looked around the room, and then asked in a discreet tone “Sir, in the hall I heard a distinct swishing noise, I know I wasn’t just imagining it, but I was wondering if anyone owned a pet, a fast pet? You see, when I turned the corner to investigate, the source of the noise was gone, I’m sure I heard a scampering noise in the distance as well.”

G’Murnik looked embarrassed and said, “That would be my pet,” and got up and left.

Vagrond was about to say something but was interrupted by,

=/\= Ensign Sampson to Vagrond =/\=

=/\= Yes Ensign =/\=

=/\= I think I found the files you should come down and see for yourself =/\=

=/\= Already on my way. =/\=

Vagrond said to Jaxx, “I have to go now. Here,” he gave Jaxx the bottle, “you’ll probably enjoy this more than I would,” he said and bared his teeth in a Gorn smile.

Jaxx was a little startled by the Gorn’s smile, but thanked Vagrond and sat down in G’Murnik’s now empty seat. Vagrond got up and went to engineering.


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