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First time here?

Angry woman looking at iPad.  You remember those, right?  You see, there was this company called Apple, yes that was their actual name...

You: I’m a busy sentient. What can I read quickly?

Us: Why not read the comic When Will The Questions Stop?!? It’s only 5 pages!

You: I’m just getting on a plane or something lame like that. What can I read that will last a while?

Us: How about the eBook Evil of the SMO!? It’s got a bunch of text to read and pictures too!

You: Actually I was looking for something long, but in comic form.

Us: Picky, picky. How about Jim Wagner in Planetoid of the Simians? It’s currently the longest story with sequential pictures that portray the action on every page.

Angry man looking at computer.  There is a very minor HomeStar Runner reference hidden in this image.

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