Thompkins!Update for April, 2018 on what’s happening on Giant Space Lizard!

The Wagner page posted 3 weeks ago was the last one I had drawn in 2014 and the end of the script that Chaerb had sent me way back in 2012. This was always a joint project with Chaerb (like, since 1998!) so I don’t think I will continue with it unless he writes it further.

Giant Space Lizard! will continue. While I hope to not wait years to release things as I did with “A Wall of Lights” or the board game, I do want to have things to at least to a conclusion of the current story arc before I begin to post them.  This is for a few reasons.  First, I feel like the archives are hard to follow where they alternate between multiple series at random.  Second, there are so many web comics and so forth on the internet that stop halfway through a story arc.  So, even if many things are never completely finished around here, I’d at least like to post a whole story arc when possible.

What am I working on, that you might see here in 2018?  First, I am drawing a comic for another of Chaerb’s undergraduate creative writing classics in the style of “When Will the Questions Stop?!.”  Second, I have written the next Vagrond story and my current plan is to post it in chapters once I finish the art for it.  No guarantees on either of these, especially on the time frame of when they get done.  But I’m hoping for at least the latter to start posting this year.  If you do want to see one of these, or the continuation of another series on Giant Space Lizard! please contact me and let me know!

To be notified of updates you can follow the RSS, the Twitter, and maybe the Facebook (but this has been flaky lately).  If you are using some other service and would like to see updates posted in it, please please also contact me.


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